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Nominated for Best Film at the 2014 Portobello Film Festival


This is the story of Matt - a quirky daydreamer, stuck in that awkward 20-something malaise - and his slightly bonkers housemates, including love interest Jess.  

The only problem? Jess has a boyfriend and Matt - whether he knows it or not - has feelings for his lifelong friend, Tina. 

As an aspiring writer with big ideas, Matt spends his time working on his comic book, RABBIT, a tale of a half Rabbit/half man who travels through time correcting the errors of mankind. 

The story of RABBIT is influenced by the happenings in Matt’s life and the people he encounters. As Matt and his interactions with his housemates become more complex, so does RABBIT.

In Transit is a feature length film that deals with real life relationships and lost opportunities.




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Comic Book Kingdom is a documentary examining the joys and hardships of creating comic books by some the most talented Comic book creators working across the UK today. Featuring Laurence Campbell - B.P.R.D, Kev Hopgood - Co-creator of Marvel's War Machine, Ian Sharman - Markosia Enterprises, Nigel Twumasi (Mayamada), Myfanwy Tristram, Zara Slattery, Inko, Chie Kutsuwada, Matt Hardy (Mad Robot Comics) and Edward Bentley.

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Sarah, a young witch and her friend Ling, a remorseful ex assassin track an escaped Yokai across London. The Yokai, a Japanese folklore demon called Lady Kiyo is building her strength as she murders innocents in her path.

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The story of Stuart, a humanoid Rabbit bounty-hunter based in London. Once a human soldier, he involuntarily underwent an experimental treatment to become a superhuman soldier. Now with his partner Tre, they track down a group of assassins who are mysteriously linked to Rabbit's past.

Full Colour - 80 pages

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