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RABBIT: The Scarred Ones


Rabbit is an 80-page Graphic Novel set in an alternative version

of London.


Rabbit, once known as Stuart when he was a soldier underwent extreme torture and experimentation at the hands of a rouge government.


He now works with his partner Tre as Bounty Hunters chasing down the worst of criminals.

After completing a recent job, Rabbit is pulled into a dangerous journey as the sins of his past come back to haunt him.

Comic Cons Attended:

Wyntercon 2016 UK

Kaoticon. Comic Convention in Thanet 2016 UK

MCM London Spring 2017

MCM London Winter 2017

Geek Con Croydon 2018

MCM London Spring 2018




A young witch, Sarah and a dangerous assassin, Ling hunt a Japanese demon called Kiyo as she leaves a path of destruction and death behind her. 



A collection of splash-pages, one page comic strips and comedic sketches.


This book is made up of sketches and commissions created at comic cons and it is a spinoff of the RABBIT: The Scarred Ones graphic novel.

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